The Jekyll and Hyde of DJs
Two sides of a coin, the yin to the yang,
The Earth Wind & Fire to The Iron Maiden,
The Frankie Knuckles to The Andy C,
The light and the dark,
This is djFATtrip

The love for music has always been there, engrained in him from a child, with his fathers love of mo-town, disco, classic rock, and classical music. This all lead to an unhealthy thirst for any and all music at a young age. At age 15 there was an awakening, and the catalyst was turntables. It was the 90s and Hip Hop was at its best, this was the focus now. Hours and hours spent trying to learn to scratch (with limited success) and obscene amount of money spent on overpriced imports from America, lead to mix-tapes being made and parties played, good times were had by all!. These were the foundations being set.

Of course music was not the only thing djFATtrip was passionate about and
at age 18, he packed his bags and moved to the mountains to pursue his other passion, snowboarding. Leaving his turntables and vinyl behind, The snow was the only thing that mattered and travelling around the globe chasing it became a full time job.
No fixed abode and zero money are not conducive to djing, pretty much the opposite. The love for music never left, if anything it increased . Every place visited and every person met was away to share music and knowledge and build a large collection of music that would not have been possible living a normal life before the digital age and the access to new music we have today.

Les Deux Alpes, the ‘Vegas of the French Alpes’, is the resort town that is now the home of djFATtrip . After almost a decade of travelling, this place provided a great mountain, a vibrant night life and good people. Along with this came a home and a steady income, which meant only one thing: turntables and more importantly digital Djing.
“ All the music I collected over the years was now at my finger tips on the vinyl I had learnt to DJ with”
Offering an alternative to the local DJs, it was soon obvious that whatever was needed, djFATtrip could provide it. Ranging from late night Dubstep and Drum & Bass parties, playing tracks by artists like Noisia, Hazard Skream, Caspa to name but a few,but also classics for the oldies, some Lionel Ritchie and Prince mixed in with some Robin S and Candi Staton will make anyone move!Making people dance was a full time job…….Well for 7 months of the year!
Living in a resort town offers some interesting challenges, least of all that when it is off season its a ghost town with very little going on. Needing something to fill the creative void that DJing gave him, trying his hand at production was the next logical step. With no musical background it has been a slow process, but by no means unfruitful. Refusing to be pigeon holed his production crosses many genres, taking influence from artists like Serum, Voltage, Jaydan, and Marky in the drum & bass world, but also inspiration from the likes of My Nu Leng, Run The Jewels, Logic and Gramatik, you will be sure to find music that would fit any situation.

Even though his music a lot of the time reflects the past, his eyes are firmly set on the future. Aiming to be the DJ/Producer that you can call in any situation. Immersing him self in all aspects of the music industry, “learning the game”. Taking courses on music theory, learning the piano and just plain old business will improve djFATtrips chances of releasing tracks and becoming a household name!

Even though he is on the rise his feet are firmly on the ground.

“Quality of life is what matters to me that’s all,not money, not fame. I am already living the dream – I live in one of best places in the world, doing my dream job, with all my friends. What more could I ask for”